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Cuie&Co. offers a start-to-finish graphic design and web development service. We help brands say hello.

We can help you with a complete online campaign or a simple emailer, from a single logo to a full set of stationery. We’ll see to the thinking, the designing, the developing, the printing and the publishing.

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What we do

(step by step)

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Putting ideas into words
we help solve brand business problems and create sustainable design strategies.

Coming up with creative ideas is our business. This is about helping your brand say hello to the people you want to sell to. Conceptualising what will attract their attention and keep them coming back for more. That’s where good ideas come in. And in today’s fast-moving social media-fed market, those ideas need to be simple, memorable and flexible.

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Putting words into pictures
visualisation and layouts across various brand platforms, from print to online.

Whatever you want to design, in two dimensions or three, we can help. Everything from a simple but beautifully designed business card or logo to a comprehensive annual report or corporate website, we’ll apply our minds to make it communicate as clearly and creatively as possible.

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Putting pictures into code
building an online presence for your brand using the latest technologies.

We can do the technical stuff too. Website development coding is one of our core services and we work with a number of platforms, from WordPress to Withtank. As website design becomes more accessible, we are also offering training to clients so that they can make simple updates to their sites themselves.

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Coding the message
giving your brand a clear and disticntive voice, from electronic newsletters to email.

Everything we do promotes your brand in some way but there are more regular promotional campaigns, such as electronic newsletters or online social media campaigns, that we can also do for you on a regular basis. Where necessary, we collaborate with copywriters, photographers and other communications professionals to ensure your promotions have the expert touch.

Who we are

(meet the team)

Andy and Charlene believe they have complementary skills – the artist and the accountant, the designer and the developer, the left brain and the right. They are each other’s second opinion, eagle eye, art director, life editor and, mostly, best friend. They believe this is what makes Cuie&Co. tick.

More than that, they are well aware that the people they work with are vital to the success of their enterprises and the delivery of great design work. Please note that individual projects in the Work section of the website acknowledges these collaborations in each case. We would be nothing without them.

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