A word about Cuie

Cuie – coo’ee – a little word we use to say ‘hello’.

I’ve always loved the word ‘Cuie’ and years ago I scribbled it down in one of my notebooks with the idea of starting a company with this name one day.

In Afrikaans it is used as a call out to get someones attention in a friendly & informal manner.

But over the years we have also discovered that it isn’t just used in our culture, but also in other corners of the world… It is an age-old call of the Aboriginal peoples, as well as a herding cry among American cowboys (a sound that is believed to resonate the best over a long distance). In fact, it seems that everywhere we went, the word popped up as a welcoming call, a way of attracting attention, a vibey verbal wave of the hand.

In essence, this is the guiding principal of what we want to achieve with the work we do here at Cuie&Co., giving brands a voice to say ‘hello’.